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44th Medical Brigade
44th Medical Brigade Which the 45th Surg was under ! The 44th Medical Brigade was the Army's major medical command in the Republic of Vietnam and, at one point, controlled 165 medical support units and more than 9,000 personnel (currently more than 7,000). The Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment was constituted in the Regular Army on Dec. 30, 1965, and then activated on New Year's Day 1966 at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. Ordered to Vietnam, the Brigade arrived in Saigon and set up its headquarters in a group of villas in April 1966. Becoming operational in May, the Brigade was reassigned directly under U.S. Army, Vietnam, and one month later moved its headquarters to Long Binh. On March 1, 1970, the United States Army Medical Command, Vietnam, was organized as a result of consolidating the 44th Medical Brigade and the USARV surgeon's office. The 44th Medical Brigade has been re-activated at Fort Meade, Md. The medical command organization eliminated duplication of effort, reduced manpower requirements by 17 per cent and provided a headquarters that would be more responsible to drawdown requirements. The mission of the United States Army Medical Command, Vietnam, is to provide medical service support to U.S. Army personnel, Free World Military Assistance Forces personnel and other catagories of personnel as directed.

44th Medical Brigade Units I have found
  3rd Surgical Hospital

Medical History, 3rd Surgical Hospital (Mobile,Air)

45th Surgical Hospital Tay Ninh Vietnam 1966 –1970

45th Surg’s June 5, 2001 through July 15, 2002 Guest Book

24th Evacuation Hospital Vietnam 1966 to 1972

24th Evac's Guest Book

1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association

36th Evacuation Hospital Vung Tau Vietnam 1966 – 1969

93rd Evacuation Hospital

50th Medical Detachment, 43rd Medical Group, 44th Medical Brigade

82nd Medical Company (Air Ambulance) "Dustoff/Boomer"

Medical Units During the Vietnam War

Preventive Medicine - The Preventive Medicine Division, Office of the Surgeon, USARV

Laboratory Support Evolution of the System


44th Medical Brigade

(Medical Support of the US Army in Vietnam)

LINEAGE AND HONORS - 44th Medical Brigade

(Dust Off: Army Aeromedical Evacuation in Vietnam)

45th Links

159th DUST OFF Organization
from Randy Millican, OR Tech 68-69, Dustoff Medic 69-70


American Women Who Died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975)

American and Australian Civilian and Military Women Who Died in the Viet Nam War (1959-1975) The DustOff Association

The DustOff Association Guest Book

The DustOff Association Message Board

The Annual VADM Donald D. Engen Lecture -- A Tribute to American Veterans.
Armed with a Red Cross - Major General Patrick H. Brady, USA (Ret.)

Vietnam: American Women who Died There
American Civilian and Military Women Who Died in the Vietnam War (1959-1975)


U. S. Women in Vietnam

"The Doc in ‘Nam: American Medics in the Vietnam War."


Army Medics Statistics
from the Southeast Asia Combat Current Casualties Files and Other Sources



Vietnam History - Lists Army Hospitals in Vietnam

National Association of Medics and Corpsmen

Guest Books
  They have fixed the 44th Medical Brigade Guest Book on the Bottom of this page, But I am leaving this guest book here just in case...

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45th Surgical Hospital Guest Book Link

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24th Evacuation Hospital Guest Book Link

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1st Australian Field Hospital Association Guest Book Link

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36th Evacuation Hospital Guest Book Link

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93rd Evacuation Hospital Guest Book Link

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In Country Women Guest Book and Locator Service Link

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3rd Surgical Hospital Guest Book Link

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Office of Medical History
  Office of Medical History
Office of the Surgeon General

by Major General Spurgeon Ned

Medical Units in Vietnam
  The Following List of Notes were taken from the Book "Vietnam Order of Battle",
A Complete Illustrated Reference to U.S. Army Combat and Support Forces in Vietnam
1961 - 1973. Copyright MCMLXXXI by Shelby L. Stanton, Captain
Shelby L. Stanton, U.S. Army, Retired. There is far more information in his book than
will be listed here.
If you want more information buy the book, I did and it's worth every penny.
I do not make any money from this book endorsement, nor do I make any money from
this web site, however, I do spend my own money to bring this information to you.
I thought it would be easier to see when each unit existed, to make it easier to find our old
combat buddies after 30 + years of trying to forget, but you know there just ain't
no forgetten, cause the damned new media won't let us.

44th Medical Brigade

43rd Medical Group, Responsible for II Corps Tactical Zone

61st Medical Battalion (Nondivisional)
Cam Ranh Bay and later Qui Nhon and later Da Nang
8 June 1966 - 17 February 1972

6th Convalescent Center
Cam Ranh Bay 15 April 1966 - 30 October 1971

8th Field Hospital Nha Trang 10 April 1962 - September 1970
An Khe September 1970 - 1971
Moved under 68th Medical Group to Tuy Hoa

523rd Field Hospital
23 September 1965 - September 1968 (attached to 8th Field Hospital)

9th Field Hospital (1968 was merged with 8th Field Hospital)
Nha Trang 14 July 1965 - September 1968

17th Field Hospital
Qui Nhon July 1969 - 7 October 1969 moved 55th Med Grp An Khe

71st Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Pleiku 15 November 1966 - 15 December 1970

85th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Qui Nhon 31 August 1965 - 1 July 1966
controlled by 55th Med. Grp. 1 July 1966

91st Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Tuy Hoa 3 December 1966 - 1 July 1969 moved to Chu Lai 67th Med. Grp.

55th Medical Group, Responsible for Northern II Corps Tactical Zone

70th Medical Battalion (Nondivisional)
7 November 1965 - 2 February 1971

2nd Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army)
Qui Nhon 1 July 1966 - April 1967

17th Field Hospital
An Khe 10 March 1966 - 1968 moved to 43rd Medical Grp Qui Nhon
An Khe 7 October 1969 - 1 August 1970

18th Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army)
Pleiku 10 March 1966 - 15 December 1967
Lai Khe 15 December 1967 - February 1968
Quang Tri February 1968 - March 1969
Camp Evans, Gia Le Installation, Quang Tri Area March 1969 - 31 August 1971

67th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Qui Nhon 7 March 1966 - Mid 1969 Moved under 43rd Med. Grp. And controlled
By 67th Med. Grp. After February 1970 in 1972 the hospital was moved to Pleiku
And placed under U.S. Army Hospital, Saigon. (I feel sorry for them)

311th Field Hospital
Qui Nhon 11 October 1968 - early 1969
Phu Thanh early 1969 - 8 August 1969

67th Medical Group, Supported XXIV Corps

74th Medical Battalion (Nondivisional)
4 June 1966 - 15 November 1969

U.S. Army Pricsoner-of-War Hospital
Long Binh 4 June 1966 - 1 August 1969 (operated by 74th Field Hospital)

27th Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army)
Chu Lai 25 March 1968 - 16 June 1971

85th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Phu Bai 1969 - 9 December 1971

91st Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Chu Lai 1 July 1969 - 29 November 1971

95th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Da Nang 25 March 1968 - 28 March 1973

312th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Chu Lai 6 September 1968 - 2 August 1969

68th Medical Group, Responsible for both III and IV Corps Tactical Zones

58th Medical Battalion (Nondivisional)
Long Binh 29 MAY 1965 - 17 February 1972

2nd Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army)
Chu Lai April 1967 - 1968

3rd Field Hospital
Tan Son Nhut 11 May 1965 - 31 May 1972

51st Field Hospital
Tan Son Nhut 31 October 1965 - 30 June 1971

3rd Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army)
Bien Hoa, Long Binh 23 August 1965 - May 1967
Dong Tam May 1967 - 5 September 1969
Binh Thuy 5 September 1969 - 20 April 1972

7th Surgical Hospital (Mobile Army)
Cu Chi 4 June 1966 - 23 April 1967
Long Giao 23 April 1967 - 10 May 1969

8th Field Hospital
Moved from 43rd Medical Group to 68th Med. Grp.
An Khe September 1970 - 1971
Tuy Hoa 1971 - Aug 1971

22nd Surgical Hospital (Self-Contained, Tranportable)
Long Binh 27 December 1967 - 30 January 1968
Phu Bai vicinity 30 January 1968 - 18 October 1969

24th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Long Binh 10 July 1966 - 10 November 1972

U.S. Army Pricsoner-of-War Hospital
Long Binh 1 August 1969 - 31 December 1969 (operated by 24th Evacuation Hospital)

29th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Can Tho - Binh Thuy Area 20 May 1968 - 22 October 1969

36th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Vung Tau 7 March 1966 - 28 November 1969

45th Surgical Hospital (Self-Contained, Transportable)
Tay Ninh 4 October 1966 - 28 November 1969

74th Field Hospital
Long Binh 15 September 1968 - 14 August 1969

93rd Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile)
Long Binh 4 November 1965 - 1966
Da Nang 1966 - 28 March 1973

1st Medical Battalion (Divisional, 1st Infantry Division)
20 October 1965 - 9 April 1970

4th Medical Battalion (Divisional, 4th Infantry Division)
7 September 1966 - 7 December 1970

9th Medical Battalion (Divisional, 9th Infantry Division)
4 January 1967 - 18 August 1969

15th Medical Battalion (Airmobile Division, 1st Cavalry Division)
28 July 1965 - 15 April 1971

23rd Medical Battalion (Divisional, 23rd Infantry Division)
8 December 1967 - 8 November 1971

25th Medical Battalion (Divisional, 25th Infantry Division)
30 March 1966 - 7 December 1970

12th Evacuation Hospital (Semi-Mobile, associated with 25th Infantry Division)
Ch Chi 9 September 1966 - 15 December 1970

326th Medical Battalion (Divisional, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile))
22 October 1967 - 23 December 1971

U.S. Army Hospital, Saigon
31 May 1972 - 14 March 1973
was established using assets of the 3rd Field Hospital,
and served under the U.S. Army Health Services Group, Vietnam.

1stMED, Ambulance, Pleiku, 23 NOV 66 - 4 FEB 70
37th MED, Separate Bde - 11th Arm Cav, Long Giao, 7 SEP 66 - 20 MAR 72
45th MED, Air Ambulance, Long Binh, 19 JUL 67 - 30 APR 71
50th MED, Clearing, Bear Cat, 4 JUN 66 - 30 OCT 71
51st MED, Ambulance, Phu Thanh, 7 NOV 65 - 1 OCT 70
418th MED, Ambulance, Cam Ranh Bay, 21 JUN 66 - 30 APR 71
498th MED, Air Ambulance, An Son, 16 AUG 65 - 30 AUG 71
520th MED, Clearing, Chu Lai, 26 MAR 68 - 26 OCT 69
542nd MED, Clearing, Phu Thanh, 27 AUG 65 - 25 JUN 70
561st MED, Ambulance, Long Binh, 23 AUG 65 - 1 OCT 70
563rd MED, Clearing, Phu Bai, 20 SEP 66 - 25 JUN 70
566th MED, Ambulance, Chu Lai, 26 MAR 68 - 30 APR 72
568th MED, Clearning, Cam Ranh Bay, 1 JAN 66 - 15 MAR 71
584th MED, Ambulance, Long Binh, 15 OCT 66 - 26 DEC 71
616th MED, Clearing, Phu Bai, 18 OCT 65 - 31 MAR 72
658th MED, Team Area Control Headquarters, Long Binh, 10 MAY 67 - 25 JUN 70
667th MED, Team Area Control Headquarters, Long Binh, 10 MAY 67 - 25 JUN 70

Note: Additionally, some other medical companies such as the USARV Patient Casual
Company (organized 26 OCT 66) were formed.

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