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Marine Corp Unit Links
  Marine Corps Vietnam
NEW **** Full document archive for Vietnam from 1960 to 1975 **** NEW
Semper Fi., David Prendergast


Vietnam Marine Units at Web Fanat

Yahoo! Directory
Vietnam War Units (Marine Corps)


Links to USMC Units of the Vietnam War

US Marine Corps in Vietnam Order of Battle

Amphibious Landings in South Vietnam

US Military Veteran Locator --

Marine Aviation in Vietnam

Hard Charger Military Links

1st Marine Division, FMF/Magnificent 7th Marines

7th Marines Hill 55 Nui Dat Son

7th Marines (View Guest Book)

USMC History at Vietnam Marine Links

1800 men who fought and dedicated their lives to the United States and the United States Marine Corps

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Naval and Maritime: Marine Corps: Open Directory: Marine Units


1st Marine Regiment/ 1st Marines

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall - Lots of Information!

Vietnam Veterans HomePage - Honors Vietnam Veterans, living and dead, who served their country on either side of the conflict.

Remembrance - The WALL - This site is dedicated to the Marines and Corpsmen of the VietNam era, for their use in locating their old comrades. It has info pertinent to them, and links to related sites.

Lewis B. Puller, Jr. - In Memory of....

USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association - Reuniting Vietnam era Marine helicopter personnel.

Gunner 44 - Gunner 44 -- James E. Leiker

USMC HISTORY - A USMC History set of pages... attractive and informative

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Ring List of Sites - A guide to Web sites depicting naval activities during the Vietnam War.

Semper Fi - 7th Marines - Offers individual pages for each battalion, history. pictures, message board, stories by the marines and reunion information.

Khe Sanh Veterans Home Page - Offers photo galleries, history, and reunion information.

Fall of Saigon US Marines Association - The Marines tell their story about the final days of Vietnam and Operation "Frequent Winds". Displays Marine Roster, reunion information, photos and stories.

Vietnam Remembered - The story of a Marine who gave his life serving with 1/27 Marines Company C, 3rd Platoon in Vietnam.

Vietnam War Literary Links - A collection of stories of some literary value.

Ghosts in the mist... - In honor of the memory of all who have served our country, especially with the Marines in Vietnam.

Its Just a Nam Thing - Tribute site dedicated to all combat Marines and other branches of service.

Harborsite of 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion - Stories, pictures and poems from and by the veterans.

Delta Co. 1st Battalion 5Th Marines in Vietnam - Delta 1/5 in Vietnam. Vietnam War, large Photo Archive.

My Private Vietnam - My Private Vietnam is a book of 14 Vietnam stories written by a Marine ammo humper, Tony Newsom.

First Marine Aircraft Wing Association - Vietnam Service - Dedicated to all who served in Vietnam with the First Marine Aircraft Wing.

The 38th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog - The 38th IPSD served the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam from July 1966 to March 1971.

Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365 in Vietnam, 1964-65 - Combat history of HMM-365 in Vietnam, 1964-65. Includes squadron roster, photos, poetry, bulletin board, and guest book.

The Flying Tigers - A Marine Corps helicopter squadron that served in Vietnam. With bulletin board, history, pictures, reunion information, poems and letters.

A Tribute To The Last Two Men Killed In Vietnam - Honoring L/CPL Darwin Judge and CPL Charles McMahon. KIA during the Fall Of Saigon. A Memorial page with a few links.

Jim Singer's Photo Gallery - Vietnam photo gallery

United States Marines of Golf Company 2/26th - Tour of duty information, and contacts, for members of the 2nd Plt. and weapons Golf 2/26 USMC Tour of Duty 68-70.

Marble Mountain DaNang Vietnam - Legend of Marble Mountain

Combined Action Platoon Delta-1 Viet Nam 1967 - 1969 - History, sigificant events, photos and stories about CAP Marines and Navy Corpsmen who lived and fought in the villages of Viet Nam. Photos and stories of return visits.

CAP 2-7-2 - Photos, stories, letters and official documents about the Navy corpsmen and Marines of Combined Action Platoon 2-7-2

Oliver Jackson's USMC Homepage, BLT 3/1 - This site is dedicated to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division, Vietnam. The site is also designed to keep Veterans informed.

Vietnam WebSites - Provides links to many related Vietnam Vertern sites.

USMC Combat Wife - In honor of my husband, and all combat veterans. A place to share experiences, pictures and related information.

Mike Company 3/3 - For the Marines and Corpsmen of Mike Company 3/3. Provides reunion information, pictures, information about the Veterans Administration and PTSD.

3rd Battalion - 9th Marines Viet Nam Era - Dedicated to all who served in 3/9 and in Tribute to our Fallen Brothers.

DELTA COMPANY 1st Battalion 27th Marines- Vietnam 1968- - A Tribute To The Men Of DELTA COMPANY 1st Battalion 27th Marines.Vietnam 1968 History-Photos-Poems-HONOR ROLL.

CAP DELTA 4 - A dedication to the Marines and sailors of CAP DELTA 4, Vietnam 1967.

Lashoones, Jeff - dedicated to all my friends who served with the 9th MAB, 3rd FSR, 2nd MAW, 7th Motor Transport Battalion and Platoon 1046 Parris Island.

Marine LAAM Bn. Vietnam - Hawk Missiles in Vietnam with the Marines Feb 1965-Aug. 1969

My Dying Breath - About the book and the author of My Dying Breath, a Novel of the Vietnam War. Includes excerpts, and photos of men and events that inspired the book.

NSA Station Hospital, Danang Vietnam - Navy Medical Corpsman's site on NSA Station Hospital, Danang. Includes memorial dedications to fallen combat heroes, including KIA HM3 Wade Overstreet, Vietnam Combat Veteran.

5th Marine Scout Snipers - 5th Marine Scout Sniper Platoon. South Vietnam 1966-1968

Nevatie, Eric - Images, reflections, recollections and art by Eric Nevatie, Marine (3rd Btn, 7th Marines), Vietnam Veteran.

Mike Company 3/3 VietNam Era - The Home site for Mike Company 3/3 with pictures, memorials, history and links.

11th Engineer Battalion - Photos, find former engineers, and reunion information.

USMC Vietnam Tankers - Vietnam veterans of the 1st, 3rd and the 5th Tank Battalions...

Bravo Company, 7th Engineers - Contains contributions from Vietnam Veterans who served with the unit, 1967-1968. Pictures, newspaper clips and stories.

Golf Co., 2nd Bn., 7th Marines - Dedicated to those men who served with Golf Co. in Vietnam.

The Few - Vets site for Marines and Corpsmen

India Company 3/3 - The Homesite for India Company 3/3 VietNam era, with pages of photos, honor pages, links and history.

233 Association - Second Batallion, Third Marines. Offers contact information and links.

Reunion Albums - Reunion Albums created for military, class and family class reunions.

Amethyst heart - A Tribute to my brother L/Cpl Bernard Himes KIA 17 May, 1968.He was with the 3rd Battalion 27th Marines and was a USMC Tanker.

3rd Bridge Company - For all former bridgemen, who served in Viet Nam, to sign-in, and rebuild the 'Bridge of Fellowship.'

Rocky's Tree - 3/26 Marines Kilo & H&S; Co.'s + 30 Years - Poems, true stories, and pictures (then and now) from 3/26 vets and family members.

LBJ'S Memorial Page - Memorial to Lima Company 3rd. Battalion 3rd. Marines KIA'S during my time with the Battalion,Sept. 1966-Aug. 1967

Echo Vet - Echo Company, Second Batallion, Third Marines. With membership information, picture gallery, reunion information and chat room.

Doc's Helps - Links and information to assist in finding old comrades from the VietNam War era.

Kilo 3/3 - The homesite for Kilo Company 3/3 VietNam era. Includes history, memorials, photos, contacts and links.

7th Communications Battalion - Dedicated to the men who served in Southeast Asia. We were everywhere from Chu Lai to Khe Sahn. With an extensive photo library.

3rdbn 5th Marines - For all Vietnam era Veterans who served with 3/5.

Pizzuti, Cpl. Peter - Pictures of Cpl. Peter Pizzuti and those with whom he served. Delta Co. 3rd Recon BN 3rd Marine Div. 1st Force Recon.

Peace Church Vietnam - An American Journey begins with two brave, frightened men, one behind a camera and one before the lens. They are in a darkling, hazy church in Vietnam and they are waiting to die.

Second Platoon Golf Company 2/26 USMC Vietnam - Golf Company, Second Plt. Second BN, 26th Marines. Vietnam Tour of Duty 1968-1970.

Bravo-1/1 Viet Nam Vets - Dedicated to uniting all who served with the unit and a memorial for those who gave their all. Includes link to battalion site and Yahoo club.

F-2-11 RVN Association - Foxtrot Battery, 2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. Member list and contact information. - Photographs, memorials, history and links maintained by A 1/13.

3rd Battalion 3rd Marines Vietnam Veterans - History of the unit, links, chat room, maps and information.

Stand Tall Motivational Presentations and Seminars - Retired Marine Corps LtCol Tom Wall BA,MA,MS,MBA provides motivational presentations and seminars for business or veterans groups.

Herc's Hooch - Links to Vietnam Vets and their related sites.

When I Was A Marine (USMC) - Disabled veteran of the Viet Nam War. Includes information about other family and friends who served their country.

1st.Bn. 5thMarines 1st.Div and Scout/Snipers - Honoring the USMC Vietnam War Veterans of the 1/5/1.

Vietnam Veterans WebRing - Numerous Marines sites listed.

Shooter's Vietnam Veterans Page - To honor those who served in HMM-161 in Quang Tri, RVN 1968-1969. Includes photos, maps and links.

Lima 3/3 - Lima 3/3 USMC Vietnam Vets. features maps, OP reports, unit rosters, 3/3 database, war stories, guestbook

Major Donahue's Home Page - Major Bill Donahue USMC (Ret). provides numerous anecdotal pages, links, and some things you'll want to read, hear, and save.

Marine Bloodstripes - Marine Bloodstripes - Dedicated to Marine Vets.

Hotel Co, 2dBn 26th Marines - History, chronology and photographs of a Marine Rifle Company in the Vietnam War.

Gomer's House - To honour the Marines who served in Vietnam and those with 3/9/3 from 1965 to 1966. Offers history, photos and maps.

Kilo 3/5 Vietnam Website - This site is dedicated to those Marines who served with Kilo Company 3rd Bn. 5th Marines in Vietnam from 1965 to 1971.

Doc's Aid Station - Information for Corpsmen, Marines and our friends.

VMO-2 (Marine Observation Squadron Two) in Vietnam, 1962-1971 - A tribute to the Marines and the history of VMO-2, emphasizing the Vietnam Era.

Foxtrot Co 2/3 Vietnam - Home for Foxtrot 2/3 vets with links to Echo 2/3

The Vietnam Death Trip - Award winning personal photo journal of a Vietnam Veteran who served with A Company Called Mike-3/7.

Harvest Moon--MOH - U.S. Marine, Harvey Barnum, an Arty FO, assumes command of H-2-9 in Vietnam.

Bolyard, Danny - Pictures from Bravo Co., 1st Btn/1st Marines - 1968-69 and some R&R; pictures.

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