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Airforce in Vietnam Links
  Vietnam Security Police Association Air/Security Police – Bases and Squadrons

377th Security Police Squadron Tan Son Nhut Air Base - The TET Offensive at Tan Son Nhut by G.M. George

U.S. Air Force
SSgt James R Lavender
1970 - Vietnam – 1971
377th Combat Support Group
8th A.P.S./Tactical Operations

USAF K-9 Sections during Vietnam War - ... K-9 Reunions. Air Force Units In South East Asia ... Military service ribbons contain a link to the homepage of the Vietnam Security Police Association, Inc. ...

US Air Force in Vietnam

U.S. Air Force 12th Tactical Fighter Wing Page

Vietnam War - Firepower Air Doctrine Rolling Thunder Linebacker ... - ... F-105D was destined to become a major participant in the war in Vietnam. ... However, the great majority of Thunderchief units would be stationed at Thailand's ...

RED HORSE in Vietnam - US Air Force Museum Vietnam History ... - ... These units, the 555th (Triple Nickel) and the 554th (Penny ... to Southeast Asia - five to South Vietnam and one ... homes damaged by fire, weather, or war and also ...

Air Force Reserve came of age during turbulent 1960s - ... and maintenance units were activated, and engineering and service units added new ... The 1970s marked the end of America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. ...

Nakhon Phanom During The Secret War 1963-1975 - ... who did not return home to provide an overview of their units and operations ... deep in the heart of Indochina 235 miles from Hanoi during the Vietnam War. ...

BattleZone Ltd. Military Books - ... Click here to view a graphic of the cover. United States Air Force Units That Served In The Vietnam War 1961-1973 Compiled and Edited by Wesley H. Lewis. ... Air Combat - ... The tempo of the ground war through the first half of ... US or ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam), but, instead ... In addition to USAF FAC units, the VNAF (South ...

Project AIR FORCE Highlights: Special Ops Lessons from the ... - ... Forces and Elusive Enemy Ground TargetsDuring both the Vietnam War and the ... other considerations prevented the deployment of conventional ground units, and air ...

United States Air Force - ... As the Vietnam War escalated during the late 1960s and early 1970s, 13 th Air Force again served as a staging base and logistics manager for units fighting in ...

US Air-to-Air Losses in the Vietnam War - ... MiG-17 and MiG-19 Units of the Vietnam War, by Dr. Istvan Toperczer, Osprey Publishing, 2001. MiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War, by ...

Vietnam Security Police Association (USAF): Dong Ha AB: Red Sky, ... - ... artillery and rockets of all the bases in the area and also units in the ... their targets, if known and fixed, within a 200 mile radius including North Vietnam. ...

Air America Association - Links - ... This site represents an organization formed during the Vietnam War by Air Force personnel who served in Jungle Jim, 4400 CCTS, and Air Commando units from all ... - Friends from Units (pg. 1) - ... which served in the Korean, and Vietnam war, and visits the Vietnam traveling wall ... I also want to find out if any reunions are being planned for these units. ...

Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet Page - Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Air Commando and Special Operations Units of the United States Air Force -- Past ... Welcome to Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet Page ...

My War: My Secret

Bill Morris, USAF Security Police Vietnam Veteran ...

The Battle Public Armed Services Links

US Military Locator, Vet

820th Red Horse Alumni Committee Web Site

The Air Force Historical Research Agency

Air Force History Support Office

U.S. Women in Vietnam

U.S. Women in Vietnam Links

USAF Locator Links to Other AF Sites

Danang Air Base South Vietnam Uplifted Wings Memorial to fallen Airmen

Memorial Affairs Activities - Republic of Vietnam
Compiled by the Mortuary Affairs Center (MAC) Fort Lee, Virginia - March 2000

The War in Vietnam, Download Lecture and Power Point Presentation

The United States War Dogs Association, Inc.

468th Tactical Fighter Squadron, F-105D Korat Air Base Thailand – 1965 – 1968

Craig Baker’s F-105 Web Site

Memories of Korat Thailand 1966 – 1967

Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base NEW Web Site

The EC-47 History Site – The EC-47 in Southeast Asia, 1966-1974, 360th, 361st, 362nd TEWS
And the 6994th Security Squadron and it’s Detachments

F-4 Phantom 432 OMS UDORN RTAFB, Thailand

THE CRASH OF CAPTAIN BJORKE'S C130 On 15th October 1967 at 0650 hours…

Map of Southeast Asia and My Base An USAF Vietnam veteran as he copes with Postramantic Stress Disorder.


United States Air Force C-130A Crew Vietnam War

Defense Prisoner of War-Missing Personnel Office – POW-MIA Recognition Day Information
Memorandum for Correspondents No. 190-M dated December 13, 1999

EC-121 Warning Star - The Warning Star pioneered the concept of Airborne Early Warning and Control…

Seventh Air Force History

The Air Force Health Study - To address concerns among Vietnam War veterans about the consequences of exposure to Agent Orange…

DoD Vows to Rededicate Itself to MIA Mission - FORT MYER, Va., April 27, 2001 -- Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said …

The AC-119 Gunships Association – Some AC-119 Gunship History

The U.S. Air Force in Southeast Asia – by Bernard C. Nalty

9th Bomb Squadron (B-52)

To Hanoi and Back: The U.S. Air Force and North Vietnam, 1966–1973 by Wayne Thompson
The Transformation of American Airpower by Benjamin S. Lambeth


The Vietnam War 1964-1973 with Photos

Ninth Air Force Association – History of the Ninth Air Force... were directed to rebuilding the attrition of the Vietnam mission and assimilating ... on the close relationship of the 9th Air Force and the US.Army components ...

Military Aviation Links

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