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Rubber Plantation Links
  Delta Mike 2, Rubber Plantations

Vietnam Colonial Administration, Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies

Vietnam History, Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies

Vietnam Natural Rubber,
Natural Rubber has a long history in Vietnam. The first plantation was founded in 1897, during the era of French colonialism. With the end of the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese government set out to once again establish Vietnam as a major exporter of Natural Rubber. The industry was reinvigorated by a US$ 32 million loan from the World Bank in 1996 to improve rubber latex processing technology to international standards.

Vietnam, What Circumstances Contributed to American involvement in one of our history's most unpopular conficts?

World History at KMLA, Notes on South-East Asian History

'Unfree' Labour on the Cattle Stations of Northern Australia, The Tea Gardens of Assam, and the Rubber Plantations of Info-China, 1920 - 1950

Bibliography of Specific Wars the French Colonial Wars (Indochina and Algeria)

Vietnam: The War AND the Country,
Part I, To many Americans, especially for those of us like myself who were born after the event, Vietnam is a War, not a country.

America's Longest War: The Legacy of Vietnam,
Part II, To pick up right where I left off, by 1966, there were 362,000 Americans fighting in Vietnam. General Westmoreland and the US government told the American people that defeat of the Viet Cong was due at any moment.

The Row of Dominoes, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Presidential Press Conference, April 7, 1954.

I. A survey of statistical sources and previous works
4. Brief presentation of previous works on Vietnam's economic statistics and quantitative history

Vietnam the 19th Century - French Colonial History, and more.

History of Natural Rubber (Part 1)

History of Natural Rubber (Part 2)

History of Natural Rubber (Part 3)

History of Natural Rubber (Part 4)

History of Natural Rubber (Part 5)

For the Glory of France rests on the interesting premise that the Vietnam War started in 1945 with the end of the War in the Pacific. If the American government had taken time to listen to the pleas of Ho Chi Minh for friendship and support, he might have become the Tito of Southeast Asia, rather than an archenemy of the United States. Floyd Duncan has done a masterly job fusing fact with fiction to tell this sad tale with seamless precision. His fictional character is a composite of the numerous OSS agents who came to know Ho Chi Minh and his desire to be recognized as free and independent by the greatest nation on the face of the earth.
Former Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska. Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor in Vietnam.

1945 First American soldier killed in Vietnam
Lt. Col. Peter Dewey, a U.S. Army officer with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Vietnam, is shot and killed in Saigon.

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