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Camdodian Links
  Vietnam War Reseach Collections - U.S.Armed Forces in Vietnam, 1954-1975

RVN - 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Harry Pugh

Memorandum from the President's Special Assistant (Rostow) to Secretary of State Rusk, Washington, June 21, 1966.
Subject: Possible Approaches to the Cambodian Problem

Edwin Moise: Vietnam War Bibliography, Special Forces, Special Operations, and Intelligence

Vietnam: A Television History Cambodia and Laos Transcript

Cambodia from the book, The CIAs Greatest Hits, by Mark Zapezauer

Mobile Guerrilla Force, With the Special Forces in War Zone D, James C. Donahue, 1996, Book review.

James Arthur Harwood and Gerald Francis Kinsman - Army - MIA

Millneer, Michael Detachment A-341, 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces Sergeant First Class/US Army

His Latest Tour of Duty by Fran Fried, New Haven Register

The CIDG, Civilian Irregular Defense Group

Operation Nui Ta Bec,
The two Green Berets were assisting in the training of the Reconnaissance Platoon, 2nd Company, 1st (later the 6th) Cambodian Mobile Operations Battalion. They were part of Capt. Harry Purdy's instruction team.

U.S. Special Forces CIDG Camps Established in Vietnam, July 1961-October 1964

Thailand Forces Links
  The 519th Transportation Association, Thailand Appendix B, The U.S. Army in Thailand During the Vietnam Conflict

Links of Special Forces Search Engine

Other Free World Forces in Vietnam Order of Battle (South Korea, Philippines and Thailand)

Vietnam Studies, Allied Participation in Vietnam, Links

US: Philippines, Thailand, Republic of Korea forces in Vietnam

Asia Web: South East Asia2: Thailand, Time Line of Events in Thai History


Salute to Biet Kich Nha Ky Thuat and MACV-SOG Commandos, who dare to go forth to free the oppressed.

Nakhon Phanom During the Secret War 1962-1975

Scarface -, Brothers in Arms, MACV/SOG

219th Helicopter Squadron, Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF)

Colonet NGO THE LINH, Special Forces Commander Memorial Website Links

The Lost Commandos

Migration News March 2000 Volume 7 Number 3

Australian Visas, Immigration Laws: March, 2000 - Number #16

U.S. Air Force Commandos, Air America Links

Related "External" Web Links, Here's an excerpt from Amendment #4055: "The truth is that we sent heroic Vietnamese commandos into North Vietnam to do ...

U.S. Special Operations, Vietnam Era

China Langley Headquarters, excerpted from the Book, Deadly Deceits, by Ralph McGehee, Ocean Press, 1999

CIA's Paramilitary Operations


Beyond Courage the brother of the pilot

The Hero - Villain Scenario

Mercenaries and Lyndon Johnson's 'More Flags': The Hiring of Korean, Filipino and Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War

Air Force's Ground Support in Vietnam By Sam McGowan May 14, 2002, 11:09pm

Lima Site-85 (Phou Pha Thi, Laos)

List of U.S. Covert Actions Against Other Countries (1946 - 1984)

Opinion: ...image by Mike Byers

The Lessons of the Vietnam War - an interview with Noam Chomsky

List of Links to books

The War in Laos, The Fall of Lima Site 85 By(1)

Dealing in Death: The CIA and The Drugs Trade, How the Agency Created America's Heroin and Cocaine Epidemics, Page3: The Southeast Asian Connection

Vietnam War Bibliography: Thailand


Thematical Bibliography, Mercenaries

The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia,
5. South Vietnam: Narcotics in the Nation's Service

Toward a New Counterinsurgency: Philippines, Laos, and Vietnam

South Korean Forces Links
  Criticall Bibliography,
This is a list of the sources of information for the ROK Veterans Home Page, as well as a brief synopsis of each book or article. Click on the title for a full review.

BBC News, World: Asia-Pacific Korean Veterans Demand Compensation,
Tens of thousands of South Korean veterans of the Vietnam War are demanding compensation from the US government for their exposure to the highly toxic defoliant Agent Orange.

Vietnam War Bibliography: Korea

Other Free World Forces in Vietnam Order of Battle, (South Korea, Philppines and Thailand)

Vietnam War Links

ROKA/ROKN Rank Insignia (Republice of Korea Army & Navy) NKPA Rank Insignia (North Korean People's Army)

Korean Veterans of the Vietnam War (ROK) Republic of Korea

Korean Units in Vietnam, Order of Battle

The Moonduster Chronicles,
The Official Newletter of Operation Just Cause, In Memory of All Those Who Served, POW/MIA's From Each War

The Vietnam War - The way it was 1971

Asia Times, The Koreas

US: Philippines, Thailand, Republic of Korea Forces in Vietnam

Korean Tiger Division Airman Robert C. Michael II, Korea and Vietnam 1965-1966, Korean Units in Vietnam

Agent Orange defoliated Korea's DMZ

Vietnam, News Analysis, January 15, 2000, South Korean Troops in the Vietnam War

Massacre At HOENGSONG by Gary Turbak

ROK Troops in Vietnam Unit Information by E-Mail

Texas Tech University, 4th Triennial Vietnam Symposium, Lubbock Civic Center 11-13 April 2002

The Agent Orange Product Liability Litigation In R.O.K.

The United States, Japan and The Korean Peninsula:
Coofinating Polices and Objectives, Working Paper No.11, Don Oberorfer, Johns Hopkins Universite, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, U.S.A., and Hajime Izumi, Universite of Shizuoka, Japan

Canadian POW/MIA Information Centre, Concerned Caring Canadians, Some Gave All - Some Still Give

When Searching for Video or Film, Vietnam on Film and Television:
Documentaries in the Library of Congress, Compiled by Victoria E. Johnson July, 1989

Veteran's Tales of War & Peace,
Share Views about U.S. Plans to do battle again with Iraq, by Elena Malykhina, Sheila McKenna and Bryan Virasami, STAFF WRITERS The South Koreans in Vietnam

Philippine Forces Links
  The Filipinos in Vietnam

Vietnam Studies, Allied Participation in Vietnam

Other Free World Forces in Vietnam Order of Battle, (South Korea, Philippines and Thailand)

The 1st Pilippine Civic Action Group "Philcagv" Tay Ninh 1966-1969

Leaflet Addressed to the Vietnamese People

Philippine Veterans Affairs Office

My name is Juny Pilapil La Putt and among my friends in cyberspace they know me well as the "Hawaiian WebMaster".
The first time was when I volunteered to serve in South Vietnam for two years with 1ST PHILCAV-V (Philippine Civic Action Group-Vietnam). This was way back in 1966 up to 1968 and only a few months after I got married.

John M. Gates, The U.S. Army and Irregular Warfare, Chapter Five, The Philippines and Vietnam

An online tribute to the elite Philippine Army Scout Rangers

An online tribute to the elite Philippine Army Scout Rangers

Philippine Army Scout Rangers in Vietnam, Photo Gallery 2

Ranger Register, The Official Publication of the United States Army Ranger Association, Inc.

VFW Post 2485, Angeles City Philippines

VFW Post 2485, Angeles City Philippines, Links

Laos Forces Links

Under Construction

Montagard Force Links

Rhodesian Force Links

Under Contruction

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