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  Colonel Duc Dat 22nd ARVN Division Commander

The Battle of Kontum

Army of the Republic of South Vietnam (ARVN)
v.1.0 March 10, 2002

Unit history 1970 January, The 129th Assault Helicopter Company (AHC), began operations in 1970 still in support of the Capital Republic of Korea Infantry Division (CRID), LOCATED IN Military Region 2. Resupply missions and combat assaults accounted for most of our efforts, as in the first operation of the year, Dok Soori 7Q. The operation began the 6th of January in support of the 3rd Battalion of the "Tiger" Division's Cavalry Regiment at Dok So Ou. The assault which was small scale, covering the area surrounding Dok So Ou, ended three days later with eight enemy KIA's and six individual weapons captured.

Xuan Loc Battle,
The ARVN forces defending Saigon were disposed to cover the five main roads leading into Saigon. North of Saigon, the 5th ARVN Division defended against an enemy attack down Highway 13. Northeast of the capital, the 18th ARVN Division held Xuan Loc covering Highway 1 and the city and air base of Bien Hoa. Southeast of Saigon, two airborne brigades and a ranger group (all at about 50 percent strength) defended against an enemy thrust up Highway 15. Southwest of Saigon, the reactivated and refitted 22nd ARVN Division sat astride Highway 4, the main route from the Mekong Delta to Saigon. Finally, in the northwest, the 25th ARVN Division held Route 1 between Tay Ninh and Saigon.

Thus The Robinhoods, 173rd AHC, found themselves supporting the 5th ARVN Division, the 7th ARVN Division, the 25th ARVN Division and the 2cd ARVN Airborne Division.

Battalion History 22-28 April 1966, Commander's Combat Note #21

25th Aviation Battalion, 25th Operations & Allied Units Involved

Chapter XII: Lam Son II (2-5 June 1966)

AVDB-ADS, 1 September 1969, Memorandom For Record, Subject: Discussion with General Hieu Concerning Dong Tien Operations, By: D.P. McAuliffe, Brigadier General, USA, Assistant Division Commander

Picture of Majore General Hieu

The Battle of Dong Xoai

1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Republic of Vietnam
Colonel Jack W. Radcliffe, USA, Retired
Dobol Six 23 March to 23 September 1969

Chapter 6, The Enemy Refuses to Give Battle: September-November Operations

Operational Report Lessons Learned 4th Infantry Division
31 July 1968
Operation Mac Arthur P 16 to 18

Mekong Delta, By Cpt. Frank Reysen, Jr. and Sp5 Tom Gable, Jr.

Summary of Vietnam Casualty Statistics

Chapter IV Unit Operations

Foreign Relations, 1964-1968, Volume VI, Vietnam, January-August 1968
Released by the Office of the Historian
Documents 50-62
50. Telegram From the Commander, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (Westmoreland) to the Commander in Chief, Pacific Forces (Sharp)/1/ Saigon, February 3, 1968, 1512Z.

Vol 2 No. 18 TROPIC LIGHTNING NEWS May 8, 1967 34th ARVN Rangers Sweep VC Base Camp

The Road to Duc Xuyen

Edited by Bernard Edelman
Foreward by William Broyles 1985

North Vietnam's Blitzkrieg - An interim assessment Conflict Studies No. 27
Editor : Brian Crozier
Consultants : Sir Robert Thompson, formerly Head, British Advisory Mission to VN (1961-1965); currently consultant to the White House.
P. J. Honey, Reader in Vietnamese Studies, University of London, author of "Communism in North Vietnam". October 1972

Det 6, 3rd Radio Research Unit Pleiku, Vietnam 1963-1964,
In June 1963 I assumed "Command" of Det 6, 3rd RRU in Pleiku and remained until the end of June 1964.
The ARVN's ran the site, so I was considered an "Advisor".The staff consisted of a ARVN Officer, Six ARVN operators, and myself.

Appendix C, List of Special Forces Camps, 1961-1971

List of Special Forces Camps, 1961-1971 - Continued

USMC Vietnam, ARVN Boot Camp

Weapons of the Vietnam: ARVN

The People of Vietnam, ARVN Troops?

Recolloections of Vietnam

ARVN Troops Getting Ready To Board

Glossary -- Vietnam

Republic of Viet-Nam Airborne Mail, Vietnamese Military Mail

January 2, 1965, ARVN Defeated at Binh Gia

Vietnam Events, with picture and Blurb

Firing Close Artillery Support for the ARVNS Inside Cambodia

0083-72.CM 03/02/96 NETWORK NOTE: This document was scanned and retyped to make it an ASCII file. The Block format of a USG document was altered to just "text") REPRODUCED AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES DECLASSIFIED PER EXECUTIVE ORDER 12356, SECTION 3.3, NND PROJECT NUMBER NN8937 597, BY RB1VSW, DATE 1/23/96
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE REPORT Note: This Document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws.
Title 18, U.S.C., Sec 793 and 794. The transmission or revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law.
CONFIDENTIAL This report contains unprocessed information. Plans and/or policies should not be evolved or modified solely on the basis of this report.
1. COUNTRY: LA 8. REPORT NUMBER: 6 029 0083 72
2. SUBJECT: (U) Sighting of Two PW in LAOS 9.
DATE OF REPORT: 7 Mar 72 (handwritten-W33552)

Helicopter or Incident 66-15015

History of the Vietnam War partIII, Vietnamization

INTERVIEWEE NAME: David K. Smith # 4700.0984

Uncovering PTSD In The Republic of Vietnam

Tales From Nam, Into Cambodia

The "Parallel" Wars

April 1971, Summary

Lam Son 719/Dewey Canyon II


Airborne/Airmobile 3rd Battalion
Unclassified Official Account of the 3-506 for 1970

By: John Bishop;
On February 8, the first ARVN troops were air assaulted on US helicopters into Laos. Lam Son 719 had begun in earnest.

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