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1st Aviation Brigade
1st Aviation Brigade On the frontless war in Vietnam, more than 2000 rotary and fixed-wing aircraft from the 1st Aviation Brigade give ground commanders an "extra edge" in closing with the enemy and defeating him. Never before in military history has a ground commander had such capability with which to find the enemy, conduct route and area reconnaissance, deploy infantrymen to the enemy's location, deliver sustatained firepower and supplies, control the ground battle from the air, adjust artillery and air strikes and evacuate the wounded soldiers. Since its establishment in May 1966, the 1st Aviation Brigade has consistently allowed ground commanders to keep pressure on the enemy, maintain contact in fluid situations, cut off the enemy's withdrawal and complete the destruction or capture of his forces. Flying in support of U.S. and Allied forces, the brigade has been on all types of missions, including tactical combat assualts, direct fire support, aerial reconnaissance, medevac, troop lift, cargo hauling, evacuation of South Vietnamese civilians from battle areas and actions in support of the rural development program. In 1970, the brigade significantly increased their mission in support of the Army of the Republicas of Vietnam (ARVN) and Republic of Korea (ROK) forces, and carried more than 11.5 million U.S. and Allied troops in more than seven million sorties, flying more than four million hours to accomplish their monumental mission.

1st Aviation Brigade Links

1st Aviation Brigade First In Vietnam Flights to LZs

53rd Aviation Det. and 1st Aviation Detachment (AHC-47)

Home of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company RatPack, Crusaders

Links to US Helicopter Units of the Vietnam War

Links to US Helicopter Units of the Vietnam War

18th Assault Helicopter Company Warlords is a bad link
Maybe someone from the 18th AHC will make a new Web Site.

48th Assault Helicopter Company

*** NEW 52nd Aviation Battalion and 119th Aviation Company Dragons (Camp Holloway, Pleiku) NEW ***

Original 57th Assault Helicopter Company Gladiator slicks and Cougar guns Home Page

71st Assault Helicopter Company, Rattlers and Firebirds of Company A/501st Aviation Battalion

92nd Assualt Helicopter Company Home of the Stallions and Sidekicks

92nd Assault Helicopter Company (Improved Site)

114th Aviation Company Knights of the Air Vietnam 1963 – 1972

116th Assault Helicopter Company Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Stingers
Vietnam Oct. 20, 1965 – Dec. 26, 1971

117th Assault Helicopter Company Association
Beach Bums/Warlords

117th Assault Helicopter Company This site is Still in the Shop!
Annies Fannies, Pink Panthers & Sidewinders

118th Assault Helicopter Company Thnderbirds

119th Assault Helicopter Company Gators and Croc’s

119th Assault Helicopter Company Jim Triplett’s 1967 Vietnam Photos

The Battle of Kontum Lt. Col. John G. Jack Heslin (U.S. Army, retired)


120th Aviation and Attached Units 1964-1965 Home of the Deans
145th Aviation Battalion Saigon Vietnam

DEDICATED TO ALL THOSE WHO FLEW WITH The 128th & 173rd Assault Helicopter Companies

128th Assault Helicopter Company Tomahawks & Gunslingers

129th Assault Helicopter Company Bulldogs & Cobras

My Memories Of the 134th AHC In South Vietnam June 1968 - May 1969

135th Assault Helicopter Company Taipans

145th Combat Aviation Battalion “Young Warriors”

Assault Support Helicopter Company Hillclimbers

155th Assault Helicopter Company

161st Assault Helicopter Company Pelicans, Scorpions and Road Runners
Lane Army Airfield, Vietnam 1965 – 1967
Chu Lai, Ky Ha, Vietnam 1967 – 1968

162nd Assault Helicopter Company Copperheads & Vultures

170th Assault Helicopter Company Bikinis & Buccaneers
Pleiku, Camp Holloway, Kontum, Vietnam

170th Assault Helicopter Company Bikinis & Buccaneers
Pleiku, Camp Holloway, Kontum, Vietnam

173rd Casper Aviation Platoon

173rd Assault Helicopter Company Robin Hoods & CrossBows

173rd Assault Helicopter Company OUR Barracks Web Contents

173rd Assault Helicopter Company Robin Hoods & CrossBows

174th Assault Helicopter Company Dolphins & Sharks

175th Assault Helicopter Company Outlaws & Mavericks
Vinh Long, Vietnam

NEW *** 175th MAVERICKS *** NEW

176th Assault Helicopter Company Blacksmith
176th Aviation Company Minutemen
176th Assault Helicopter Company Gunships Muskets
Vietnam 1967 – 1971

178th Assault Support Helicopter Company and 400th Transportation Corps Detachment

180th Aviation Company Big Windy

180th Aviation Company Site Map

187th Assault Helicopter Company Crusaders, BlackHawks and RatPack

188th Assault Helicopter Company Black Widows & Spiders
Dau Tieng, Camp Rainier, Vietnam

189th Assault Helicopter Company Ghostriders & Avengers
This page is dedicated to the men of:
The 189th Assault Helicopter Company
The 604th Transportation Detachment
The 519th Medical Detachment

191st Assault Helicopter Company Boomerangs & Bounty Hunters

192nd Assault Helicopter Company Polecats & Tiger Sharks

192nd Assault Helicopter Company Polecats & Tiger Sharks

195th Assault Helicopter Company Skychiefs & Thunderchickens

200th Assault Support Helicopter Company Pachyderms
(Later A Company, 159th Assault Support Helicopter Liftmaster)

205th Aviation Company Geronimos

213th Assault Support Helicopter Company(Numba2) Blackcats

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

BRAVO COMPANY 227TH Assault Helicopter Battalion
1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile)

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion Winged Warriors
1st CAVALRY DIVISION (In Vietnam) Old Site

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion Winged Warriors
1st CAVALRY DIVISION (In Vietnam) New Site

238th Aerial Weapons Company Gunrunners

240th Assault Helicopter Company Maddogs

240th Assault Helicopter Company Maddogs, Greyhounds & Kennel Keepers

242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company Muleskinners

243rd Assault Support Helicopter Company Freight Train

243rd Assault Support Helicopter Company Freight Train

271st Assault Support Helicopter Company Innkeepers & Bartenders
1st Aviation Brigade (307th CAB/164th GP)

272nd Assault Support Helicopter Company Varsity

281st Assault Helicopter Company Intruders

282nd Assault Helicopter Company Black Cat Association

293rd Assault Support Helicopter Company Playtex

334th Assault Helicopter Company Sabres, Playboys, Raiders, Dragons & Gangbusters

335th Assault Helicopter Company Cowboys
82nd Aviation Battalion, 173rd Aviation Platoon (Casper)

336th Assault Helicopter Company Warriors & ThunderBirds

361st Aerial Weapons Company Pink Panthers
361st Aviation Company (Escort)
Camp Holloway, Pleiku, Vietnam

362nd Aviation Company The Last Hookers

498th Air Ambulance Dust Off, An Son, Vietnam

539th Transportation Company Hexmates
Phu Loi, Vietnam 23 MAR 67 – 30 JUN 71

A Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry Silver Spurs

B Troop 17th Cavalry and B Troop 2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

2/20 ARA 1 Cav; F/79 Cav BlueMax


Troop F, 8th Cavalry, BLUEGHOST

E-mail I have Received
  Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 08:50:45 -0800 (PST)
From: "Michael G" <
Subject: 1st Aviation Brigade

I would like to inform you of other units that were under the 1st Aviation Brigade.I served in 2 Aviation Support Detachments (the 366th ASD & 360th ASD) that were part of the 58th Avn. Btn. (then 165th avn. Grp.), 1st Aviation Brigade. We were air traffic control units (w/ support personnel) that operated army airfields throughout VN. We operated tower & radar (GCA) facilities.

Our units were:
312th ASD - 327th ASD
338th ASD - 348th ASD
359th ASD - 366th ASD
125th ATC Co.

I webmaster 2 sites that I would appreciate your considering for inclusion under 1st Aviation Brigade Links

My sites are (359th-366th ASD) & (official site for the USAATCA, US Army Air Traffic Controllers Association). If you do include include them, I would be happy to include your site on my link pages.

Welcome home.

Michael Greenberg
366th Avn. Spt. Det., 165th Avn. Grp, 1st Avn. Bde.-Dak To 68-69
360th Avn. Spt. Det., 165th Avn. Grp, 1st Avn. Bde.-Camp Enari,Pleiku 69

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  They have fixed the 1st Aviation Brigade Guest Book at the Bottom of this page, But I am leaving this Guest Book on this page just in case...

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